Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Curmudgeon

Headline of the week – from Esquire Mag:  “Blow jobs have fallen on hard times.”

On the way home, was behind a car at a stoplight with two decals on the back.  One, a very traditional, ornamented cross.   The other, a drawing of two pandas getting busy with each other.

Controversy in Britain this week.  The government has proposed adding a 20% VAT tax to take-away food such as the popular “pasty” that is well liked by the blue-collar crowd.  This, while also proposing to cut taxes on the wealthy produced a negative reaction from those not yet convinced that we exist to serve our betters.  To show their populist credentials, PM Cameron professed his love of the simple pleasures of getting a pasty from his favorite shop – but it turned out the shop had been closed for five years. (Reports the Financial Times)

Also from the Financial Times, one for you who savor definitional arguments.  “Marks and Spencer once fought a decade-long battle over whether teacakes were cakes or biscuits (different rates [of tax] applied).”

And this one might require a little background in Greek politics, except that the sentiment is universal.  Just know that the Vaso referred to here was one of the leading political figures (and one of the most prominent women) in Greece until recently.  From “Press Watch” of the Athens News: “a Vaso Papandreou quote informs us that “criminal mistakes were made by the George Papandreou regime”. I always find it really amusing, how politicians find their truth stick and start using it to hit any available protruding heads, when there is no risk involved for them. So well done Vaso, you true hero of the people you. Maybe try and name those crimes when you’re in the thick of them next time.”

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